Good Samaritans by Will Carver

#BookReview Good Samaritans by Will Carver

My Rating: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Pages: 320

Publisher: OrendaBooks

Available: 27 September 2018

Genre: Thriller / Crime


One crossed wire, three dead bodies and six bottles of bleach.

Seth Beauman can’t sleep. He stays up late, calling strangers from his phonebook, hoping to make a connection, while his wife, Maeve, sleeps upstairs. A crossed wire finds a suicidal Hadley Serf on the phone to Seth, thinking she is talking to The Samaritans.

But a seemingly harmless, late-night hobby turns into something more for Seth and for Hadley, and soon their late-night talks are turning into day-time meet-ups.

And then this dysfunctional love story turns into something altogether darker, when Seth brings Hadley home…

And someone is watching…

My Thoughts:

There are some Thrillers that hook you from the start and are thoroughly entertaining. There are those that are a slow burn, you want to know what will happen, but you maybe take your time getting there. Then there are thrillers like this, that grab you, snag you in tight claws and twist you all about until you reach the end with a thud of release and impact.

This was such an individual story, I’m not even sure where to start with it! I had heard so much about the book that I was nervous about starting it, worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype. It didn’t. Oh boy didn’t it, it blasted those expectations out of the water with shocking finality.

I adored this, for so many reasons that I cannot possibly explain them all without ruining the story, but I shall outline a few. Firstly for the unexpected turns of event that are crafted one after the other, I was never quite sure what to expect from the Characters. Brutal deaths and Steamy scenes, both things I enjoy in a story, and both things that were brilliantly, perhaps disturbingly well created in this book.

I adored the fact that this story happens in days, each day is seen from the perspective of several Characters. It give a unique view of the story, each situation portrayed so brilliantly that although we seem to know a lot of what is going on, we are still left with shocking turns of event that I for one didn’t see coming.

The writing is Witty and so are the characters, and you would think with a Thriller that there would be the occasional giveaway as to where things were going, in this case, I was clueless, and happily surprised by the way the tale went. I say happily, at times I cringed or my skin crawled so much I’m surprised I couldn’t see it moving. But I loved every page.

The characters are very different to one another, and something I found particularly entertaining about this authors style, is the fact that with these different views of each day, we get a close up view of just how peoples perceptions can be very different. Even in the same situation, experiencing the same situation, the emotions and interpretations are very different. Seeing how the characters perceived their own actions against how the others did was brilliant!

I can’t wait to read more by this Author! A big part of me is so excited to see what he does next, whilst being slightly nervous at the prospect too. I find myself considering more now just how others might be thinking of the situation compared to how I am. Something I try to do, but now find I am doing a lot more, purely because of the curiosity and insight this Author has sparked.

And there.. I will leave you. If you haven’t picked this up yet, i suggest you do, and soon. Whether you normally read the Genre or not, this book will leave you reeling!

About The Author:

Will Carver is the international bestselling author of the January David series. He spent his early years in Germany, but returned to the UK at age 11, when his sporting career took off. He turned down a professional rugby contract to study theatre and television at King Alfred’s, Winchester, where he set up a successful theatre company. He currently runs his own fitness and nutrition company, while working on his next thriller. He lives in Reading with his two children.

Follow Will on Twitter @will_carver


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