Material Remains by Richard W H Bray

#BlogTour #BookReview Material Remains by Richard W H Bray

My Rating: 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Pages: 352

Available: 7 February 2019

Genre: Fiction

Thankyou very much to the Author Richard, and Anne Cater of #RandomThingsTours for my spot on this tour, this book is a brilliant story that deals with some very difficult topics, and leaves the reader considering long after closing the book.


On a hungover Friday morning, archeology student Mike McEwan’s life of tea, pints, late mornings and the occasional essay comes to an abrupt halt. Consumed with guilt, grief and confusion, Mike haunts the ruins of St Andrews, rebuilding them in his mind and obsessing about the loss of someone he barely knew, unsure of his place in her life, or her death.

The discovery of an ancient plague burial site drags Mike back into contact with those around him. But life has changed, both for himself and others, and the burial ground holds more than the bones of those long dead. As university life continues around him, Mike peels back the layers of earth and its dark history, trying desperately to connect the victims of the past to the tumult of his present.

My Thoughts:

This was a really enjoyable read that surprised me from the first to the last page, in part for the revelations along the way, and in part for the storyline itself and the way it unfolded.

When I first started to read the book, I was expecting it to be a typical Crime or perhaps Thriller story, with a death in suspicious circumstances, and many fun twists trying to figure out who the murderer was before the story would tell me.

This isn’t exactly where this story goes, there are elements involved, but it’s so much more than that. Mike is a central Character that has been through something nobody should have to, and the story follows him in his own considerations and investigations to try and find some sort of closure after the Death of someone he knew.

The story takes a very realistic look at the effects this type of situation can have on a persons mental and emotional health, how the need for answers can effect a person as well as various other considerations, especially when a death is suspicious, but I don’t want to go into those more because of Spoilers.

The Author has taken several concepts and ideas that many avoid or don’t consider, and given them a centre stage. What happens in life when we lose someone? What if there are questions about the how and why?

This story follows Mike and those around him, and takes a close and brilliantly handled look at relationships and the possible effects on both the Person, and those around them.

I really enjoyed the story and found myself loving the difference, eager to see what would happen next, what Mile would do and how situations would turn out.

The story takes a very honest look at how people deal with bereavement, conversations and situations that may arise as people try to come to terms with it. It isn’t a lighthearted read, and certainly encourages the reader to consider questions of how they think they might act.

Overall, a powerful and engaging read that will stay with me a long while! I look forwards to seeing what else this Author brings to the Bookish world.

About The Author:

Richard W. H. Bray is a writer and winemaker. His first book, Salt and Old Vines, won Best French Wine Book at the 2015 Gourmand Awards. He lives in London.


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