Ghosts by Nick Conroy

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Pages: 41

Publisher: @wildpressedbooks

Genre: Poetry

If you adore #poetry then you NEED to pick this up! Absolutely beautifully crafted, and a delight to read! This short book is full of #poems that will grasp your attention and stir your emotions.


Every poem in GHOSTS touches on the theme in some way, whether it be overtly as in the title poem, or more succinctly, as in Dragonfly – in which the poet explores ephemeral elements of his perception of his mother.

Nick Conroy’s words touch the heart of his subject matter, and the reader’s emotions at the same time.

About The Author:

Nick is currently studying for a Master’s in English at the University of Hull. Poetry has always been at the centre of his passion as a writer, and since childhood, he’s enjoyed spoken word.

He moved to Hull in 2014, with an understanding that the city is still revered for its poets. He senses something haunting and intoxicating about Hull, and the community of writing that it holds in high regard.

Hull, in its turn, is beginning to hold Nick himself in high regard and he is fast becoming well- known as one of the region’s bright young Spoken Word talents.

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