#BookReview #Havoc by @AurynHadley book 9 in #ROTI #RiseoftheIiri

#BookReview Havoc by Auryn Hadley

Series: The Rise of The Iliri, 9

My Rating: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Pages: 586

Publisher: Spotted Horse Productions

Available: 19th July 2019

Genre: Fiction / Romance / Reverse Harem / Epic Fantasy



The world has waited a long time for the Kaisae—Salryc Luxx, leader of the iliri and commander of the allied forces. Kaisaes before her have died or gone mad. But now that they are so close to finally winning the war and finding peace for her species, either option is unthinkable! She’s still needed. The war is yet to be won, and now there’s a coup brewing at home in Anglia.

As Sal prepares for a crucial push into enemy territory, the biggest battle her country faces isn’t about destruction; it’s about the rebuilding that comes after. If they want this war to matter, their new citizens will need to remember what it means to be iliri: to make packs, have children, and find the remains of their culture. They’ll need to make a home, and do it together—all three species: iliri, graouri, and humans. Although Sal is battling personal issues almost as large as her military battles, like the fact that no Kaisaes live into a happy old age. They either die fighting—or they go insane.

The newest member of Sal’s pack, Ryali, has been recruited to research the creation of the iliri species in the hope of discovering the reason Kaisaes have historically lost touch with reality—and hopefully she can find a way to make sure it doesn’t happen to Sal. But she’ll need more than old books to help. Luckily, there’s an answer—and Sal’s newly-expanded four-mate harem is determined to save her. It looks like they’re going to need a much bigger tent.

It’s the final stretch of Auryn Hadley’s Rise of the Iliri series, and in this ninth installment, heart-stopping military action-adventure in battle is blended seamlessly with enough heady, complex sociopolitical commentary to delight both fantasy and science fiction readers—not to mention the steamiest of love scenes, sure to excite reverse harem romance fans.

My Thoughts:

As soon as i saw that this book was available I dived on the preorder. I have loved every book of this series, and this one was far from an exception. The storyline continues to be unpredictable and surprising, even though every situation makes perfect sense. Auryn manages to surprise the reader, whilst at the same time leaving them going “OOOHHH well that makes sense…”

As soon as the situation changes or something happens, your mind flicks back over the books and piecing together the little hints and clues Auryn left building up to the new puzzle piece for the bigger picture. And yet, you never guess what is going to happen before it does. Or at least, VERY rarely, and even when you aren’t wrong, you aren’t exactly right.

As always the writing is easy to engage with and follow page to page, it’s relaxing to sink into, but the descriptions are gorgeous and submerge you into the world she has created. This may be Fantasy and Sci-Fi, but the world is gorgeously believable, the scenarios wonderfully plausible. It doesn’t matter that this is on another planet, this Author has you feeling like you are there, in the middle of the situations, feeling the rush of fear, happiness, love, confusion… no matter what is happening on the pages, you’re pulled into the whirlpool of emotion, submerged in the Characters thoughts and feelings to the point you feel like you know every person in the story personally. They aren’t Characters anymore, they are friends, family.

I won’t tell you what happens, because the joy of Auryns writing is the shock value of the situations, all I will say is this… Auryn is an evil genius. Be prepared to love her, be prepared to hate her, be prepared for every emotion being ripped from you, and leaving you raw by the last page. As with every other in the series, the ending is perfect, Tying up some scenarios, closing at the perfect point… and leaving you wanting to scream at her because you NEED MORE.

The new element to the story was brilliantly done, she has taken a Character we wanted to know and given us that chance to know them better. We have new romantic elements (good luck getting THAT guess right!!) and finally return to the Iliris new home in Anglia. We all wanted to know what was happening in the home kingdoms, and we got it. Wow. Did we get it.

Welcome back to the world of The Anglian Triad. Grab a seat. Grab snacks and drinks because you won’t want to put this down…. and most of all? Good luck…

About The Author:

Auryn Hadley is an American girl who swelters in the summers with her husband, three dogs, and the neighborhood cats. Her coffee addiction is impressive and allows her to keep writing the next book. Her husband keeps telling her it’s great, even though he doesn’t like to read, so she ignores him.

With a degree in biology, a few decades in gaming, and a love for all things out of this world, she writes across genres looking for the story that is begging to be told. From love to loss, hopes and dreams, there’s always an escape waiting inside the pages of her books. She tries to capture the idealism of YA literature while addressing more adult topics because life doesn’t get any less exciting when you grow up.

To see what’s in the works, check her out on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AurynHadleyAuthor


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