#BlogTour #BookReview The Lost Thumb by Orla Owen

#BlogTour #BookReview The Lost Thumb by Orla Owen

My Rating: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Pages: 268

Publisher: Lavender Publishing

Available: 27th Feb 2019

Genre: Contemporary / Fiction / Family Drama

ISBN-10: 1916036600

ISBN-13: 978-1916036604


Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lost-Thumb-Orla-Owen/dp/1916036600


Huge thanks to Anne Cater of #RandomThingsTours, the Author Orla and of course publishers Lavender Publishing for my copy of this gorgeously addictive book! Heart wrenchingly believable, it’s near impossible to put down!


Lara and Luella Jeffreys lead isolated lives until the night they are left alone for the first time, and Luella decides to have some fun. That evening goes horribly wrong. After Luella wakes up in hospital, she’s kept prisoner at home with her mother acting as her warden. Lara is sent to school to keep up the pretence that she is fine, her sister is fine, and the world is fine. Except they aren’t. The local storekeeper, sensing that something’s wrong, pushes her son to befriend Lara but the results of her meddling are deadly…

My Thoughts:

If you like a story that will have you hooked from start to end, thoroughly invested in raw emotions and surprising turns of event, realistic Characters and scenarios that though not pretty are wholly realistic and believable, then this is the perfect read for you.

If you enjoy a book that looks at some of the darker sides to humanity and the hidden faces of family when behind closed doors, the emotions and changes to character that happen in privacy, then this is the perfect book.

If you’re wanting a light hearted, happy go lucky kind of read, perhaps then you should pick up something else for the time being, but this is certainly one that I will wholeheartedly be recommending to anybody to read. It’s dark at times, sometimes uncomfortable to read but in a strangely addictive way.

The Characters are complex, their lives are not easy and things only get more complex and surprising the further into this book you go. Although not a long story, the amount of raw emotion contained within it’s pages are a glorious surprise.

Lara and Luella are two very different people, they make for very addictive reading. Consider a life where you have to hide the way things are at home, a life where you both fear and hate the mother raising you, but you dare not show this to anybody else for fear of what may come of it… and then imagine an accident. One of you is now stuck with that mother, and the other has to keep up the image of a life that is fine, settled… and things are only getting worse at home.

The story is horrifyingly plausible, the changes to scenario and shocks that come about are heart wrenchingly believable and all the more addictive for it. This is certainly one to set aside a day to get stuck into, I didn’t want to look away as much as I also didn’t want to see what was coming!

This was an absolutely brilliant read, and I will certainly be looking for more from the Author!

About The Author:

Orla Owen is a writer, online editor, and author of the novel The Lost Thumb. She’s been writing since she was a child, and in 2016 was picked to be mentored by Sarah Savitt at Virago.

Her writing focuses on the dark and macabre side of family life, the parts that go on behind closed doors.

Before she became a writer, she was an actress and drama practitioner, studying Theatre at Bretton Hall College of the Arts. She has performed at the Royal Court and Edinburgh fringe, as well as working on The Women’s Theatre Workshop mentoring scheme.

Supporting women in writing is important to her, and she was lucky enough to work on a writers’ mentoring scheme, as an assistant to the author Kerry Hudson, at the WoMentoring Project. 

She is currently working on her second novel, PAH, which will be released in early 2020.

Website: www.orlaowen.com

Twitter: @orlaowenwriting

Instagram: orlaowenwriting

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