#MADEUPgratitude101 #101Daysofgratitude Day 4 – Quality Time

#MADEUPgratitude101 #101Daysofgratitude Day 4 – Quality Time

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What exactly IS quality time? People talk about it all the time, that they need more quality time together, but today got me thinking. To me, quality time is time spent together enjoying one anothers company.

It doesn’t necessarily mean a date, a day out, a meal or the cinema. It doesn’t necessarily mean extravagant or a big chunk of time, to me it could be ten minutes spent enjoying that persons company.

As with today, it can be time spent getting the groceries and having a chat while you do. Time enjoying one another’s company, and and generally living life together. I think sometimes we forget to be grateful for the more simple moments of quality time, because the society we live in tends to revolve around money.

Ok irony because we were shopping, and you may be thinking hypocritical of me, but let me explain. We went to get groceries, a general day to day thing, but we spent that time chatting, catching up. Also, I would point out here that I spent said time with my mum.

It seems a lot of people talk about quality time, and what they mean is that they want a night out, but for myself… I find that often, it’s the simpler times that hold the most ‘quality time’ because you’re sharing your life in the simplest of ways, and enjoying doing so.

So today… I am grateful for the quality time that is often over looked, the type that is genuinely about the TIME rather than the money or activity involved in it.

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