#MADEUPgratitude101 #101Daysofgratitude Day 5 – Chocolate

#MADEUPgratitude101 #101Daysofgratitude Day 5 – Chocolate

Oh come on, I’m sure MOST people can get behind this one. It’s not healthy, I know that. Should I eat less? Probably. Should I encourage others to eat less? Nope, it’s their life, not mine, and ya know what?

I quite like having Chocolate. It gives me a happy feeling to eat something YUMMY just for the enjoyment, and I’m sure many people will agree that especially during PMT, it just makes you feel BETTER. Scientific fact that.

Ok no probably not, but I’m sure enough would agree with me to make it one 😅😂

But ok, time to get serious for a moment.

The thing is, that chocolate is something we all take for granted. Want some? Fine I’ll eat some.

But some people live in countries where they can’t get it. Where they don’t have the luxury of saying, sod it i feel crappy, I’ll go grab a chocolate bar. Some wouldn’t even think of it, because they don’t know what it is and Even if they did, they have other, more important needs. Like a roof. Heating. Clean water. Sanitary products… and so on.

And some people have a cocoa allergy. Trust me when I say, living in a society where chocolate and sweets are a norm, to then find out you’re allergic, can be someone frustrating.

My point?

I love chocolate. I really do. But seeing first hand how frustrating it can be to suddenly not be able to have it? And then factoring in everything else I’ve mentioned…?

I’m grateful not just for the thing itself… but for being able to have that option so readily available.

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