My Ratings and Reviews

I very Rarely will rate something under 3 stars, and for good reasons.

I generally know what type of book I like, and being an adult, I tend to be able to choose a book that I am going to like to some extent.

🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩Five Stars – Loved it, and will be Rereading it

🤩🤩🤩🤩Four Stars – Really Enjoyed it, may Reread if part of a Series

🤩🤩🤩Three Stars – Good, but not something I would Read again

🤩🤩Two Stars – Not For Me, and an explanation about why will be given

🤩One Star – Couldn’t get into the Story, and probably Did Not Finish (PLEASE NOTE I will not review a book that I do not finish, and so I don’t give out one star reviews. Reading as with any art enjoyment is subjective. I rarely review for less than 3 stars.)

All Reviews are given as soon as the Book has been read, and are shared on Amazon, Goodreads, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Page and Groups.

Reviews very rarely contain spoilers, but if they do I will make a point to say so at the top and this will usually be in response to a particular request.

Reviews to Deadlines and Blog Tours are priority, other reviews will be done as and when I can between my booked in Reviews. I don’t promise a Timescale because I read a book when in the mood for the Genre, otherwise Chances are that I won’t enjoy it and that seems unfair to the Author. I read for enjoyment, I review to share that enjoyment!

Please bare in mind that I do NOT read Ebook copies.

If you would like your Book reviewing, please use the Contact Me section, or Email me Directly at:

Genres I read:

Young Adult Fantasy – This is my Most favoured and I AM ALWAYS looking for more!

Fantasy – Any type of Fantasy is something I appreciate! 

Science Fiction

Romance: Erotica, Contemporary, Reverse Harem, Fantasy.

Crime & Psychological Thrillers

I am generally open to trying Most things, but these are the types I enjoy.

Authors I have enjoyed:

Sarah J Maas, Nora Roberts/JDRobb, LTMarshall, Angela Marsons, Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, David Eddings, Alan Dean Foster, Claire Legrand, Lian Hearn, Jack Jordan, SJI Holliday, Marissa Farrar, Auryn Hadley, CMStunich, Mindee Arnett